Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Self Medicating?

It is alarming the percentage of people I come across that are self medicating. They are often taking very strong medication for far longer than the prescribed period or sometimes they buy over-the-counter medication for years without getting a professional opinion. They develop 'un-explained' illnesses they never had before which leads to further over-the counter experimentation. When they finally see a doctor they don't necessarily 'declare' their extended self-medication which then leads to further prescription of medication and so on.

Symptoms often include various skin problems, headaches, ulcers, unexplained pains 'crawling skin', digestive problems, respiratory problems, addiction, swelling in the body etc. to name but a few. One can only appeal to the person's logic; If they are taking something and it is not improving their condition, in fact it may have even worsened and they have symptoms they did not have before, then why are they taking it? When in doubt rather consult your GP or specialist. Always read the leaflet supplied with the medication. Pay special attention to the dosage, prescribed period, contra indications and possible side-effects.

People also do not consider that taking supplements, herbs and essential oils etc, can create problems over a long period of time. Just because it is natural does not mean that your body should be ingesting it and that it will be beneficial for it. Too much of any particular substance is not good for the body. eg. No one will dispute how healthy fresh fruit is, however taken in excess will cause diarrhoea. Now consider any form of medication, natural or chemical, the aim of which is to create a particular change in the body and take it for prolonged periods of time. It stands only to reason that it will cause an imbalance in the natural functioning of the body.

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